How to calibrate a Windows 11 laptop battery, overcome inaccurate percentages

How to calibrate a Windows 11 laptop battery, overcome inaccurate percentages

Laptop is a device that is basically a compact version of a computer. How to use, operating systems, applications, features, and functions of a laptop can be said to be exactly the same as a computer. But of course the two devices have differences, especially in the form and specifications sector. If you look at its form, the laptop is certainly superior. However, if you look at it in terms of specifications, it seems that laptops must be respectful of computers.

Like an electronic device designed by human hands, laptops certainly have some drawbacks. One of the disadvantages of a laptop is none other than an error. Some parts of the laptop often experience errors, including when using the latest operating system.

Modern laptops that have been equipped with Windows 11 can also experience errors, especially in the battery indicator sector. Often, the battery percentage displayed on the laptop screen is not the same as the original percentage of the remaining battery on a laptop. The laptop died because it ran out of battery even though the monitor showed that there was still quite a lot left.

how to calibrate a Windows 11 laptop battery.

How to calibrate a Windows 11 laptop battery


Before starting to calibrate a laptop battery, it would be nice to know the meaning of calibration itself. Laptop battery calibration can be interpreted as fixing an inaccurate percentage. Inaccurate laptop batteries are of course caused by various factors. Starting from excessive use, drivers that are not updated, or even problems with the driver itself.

After understanding the meaning of laptop battery calibration, the next step is to know how to do it. There are at least two ways that you can choose to calibrate the laptop battery. You can have a method that is considered the easiest to understand.

1. Change the Power Plan

Power Plan is one of the settings that exist on every laptop. By resetting or changing the settings on the Power Plan, you can calibrate easily. To start changing the Power Plan, you can listen to the following method.

1. Click Start and enter the search field then type Choose A Power Plan.
2. After it appears, click on the feature and then select Balanced (recommended) from the several options available.
3. Save the changes then restart your laptop.

2. Custom Best Performance

Another way you can try to calibrate a laptop battery is to use the custom Best Performance feature. With this feature, you can fix inaccurate battery percentages. To start using the custom Best Performance feature, you can follow the following explanation.

1. Click Windows + R to open Run then type sysdm.cpl then Enter.
2. A new System Properties window will appear then enter the Advanced menu.
3. Select the Settings menu then tick Adjust for best performance.
4. There will be many options, you select Show thumbnails instead of icon and Smooth edges of screen fonts.
5. If you have clicked OK then Apply. After changing the rules is resolved, restart your laptop.

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