How to change Windows 7 to 11 laptop passwords, secure personal data

How to change Windows 7 to 11 laptop passwords, secure personal data

A laptop is a device that has many uses. Not much different from computers, laptops equipped with the Windows operating system have similarities in how to use them. However, laptops that have a compact and lightweight design tend to be chosen more often.

In order to be used safely to facilitate mobility, of course, more security needs to be done on these devices. One security that can be done is to use a password on the laptop. With a password on the laptop, all data contained on the device will be safe.

Often many people choose laptop passwords that are classified as complicated. If you have forgotten the laptop password, the device certainly cannot be opened. To avoid this bad possibility, changing complex passwords easily can be a wise option. In order for the password to be changed, of course there are several ways that need to be done.

how to change the Windows 7 to 11 laptop password.

How to change Windows 7 to 11 laptop passwords

Windows, which currently still exists on laptops, can certainly be said to be diverse. Starting from Windows 7, 8, 10, up to 11, it is still widely used as the main operating system. Changing the laptop password on the Windows version certainly has a difference. To listen to how to change the password on several Windows series, you can see the following review.

How to change Windows 7 laptop password

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As the easiest-to-use variant of Windows, changing the password on Windows 7 is fairly easy. You only need to press a few buttons which of course can be done without requiring much effort. To start changing the password on a Windows 7 laptop, you can see the following review.
1. Open the Windows menu and enter the Control panel on your laptop.
2. Select User Accounts and Family Safety then select Change Your Password.
3. Several menus will appear, just select Change Your Password.
4. If you have entered the old and new passwords according to your wishes.
5. The final step, click Change Password to start using the new password.

How to change Windows 8 laptop password

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Windows 8 is a variant of Windows that can be said to have quite a different appearance. Not only in terms of appearance, Windows 8 also has several updates that were not previously available in Windows 7. The same goes for how to change the password on a laptop with this operating system. Some adjustments certainly need to be made so that the process of changing the password can be done easily. To start changing the password on a Windows 8 laptop, you can follow these steps.

1. Prepare a boot CD for Windows 8 or 8.1 and set boot from disk in BIOS. After that, insert the CD, and turn on the laptop.
2. After successfully logging in, click Repair Your Computer in the lower right corner.
3. Go to Troubleshoot then Advanced options.
4. After entering Advanced options, select Command Prompt to type several commands.
5. Type C: then Enter and type cd windows then Enter, enter cd system32 and press Enter.
6. Type again ren untilman.exe utilman_bak.exe then Enter.
7. The next step, you can type copy cmd.exe utilman.exe then Enter. If you have selected Exit.
8. Turn off your laptop and remove the boot CD that was previously used. If so, restart the device and select the Ease of Access Icon.
9. Command prompt pop up will automatically appear then type userpasswords2_ then Enter.
10. If a new pop up appears, select Reset Password.
11. Automatically the old password will be deleted and you can type in a new password.
12. After typing in the new password, you can click OK.

How to change Windows 10 laptop password

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Unlike Windows 8 which can be considered quite complicated, changing passwords in Windows 10 is quite easy. You just need to do a few easy steps to update your old password. In order to change the old password to the new one, you can refer to the following explanation.
1. Go to Settings then select Accounts on the laptop you are using.
2. Select Sign-in options then Change in the Password section.
3. Type the old password then click Next.
4. A new column will appear then type a new password. If you have clicked Next.

How to change Windows 11 laptop password

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The latest version of Windows, which is also the newest, is Windows 11. This version of Windows is arguably an improvement over the previous version. Not only in terms of features, Windows 11 also has differences in the password settings section. To start changing the password on a Windows 11 laptop, you can see the following explanation.
1. Go to Settings then select Account on the laptop that you have.
2. Select the Sign-in options then Password then Change.
3. Enter the new password then repeat the same password. If you have clicked Next.

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