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Windows 10 Home 32 and 64 bit

Windows 10 Home 32 and 64 bit

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Windows 10 Home 32 and 64 bit

Program features Windows 10 Home

  • Fast system and familiar overview
  • Features for cross-device productivity and work
  • Integrated security software such as internet protection, firewall and virus protection
  • Easily organize and edit files

Windows 10 Home: For beginners and advanced home users

Windows 10 Home comes with a fresh look and brings many new functions with it. In addition, the user interface has been thoroughly revised and now appears clearer. The new Windows 10 Home operating system is therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced users. One of the highlights is the ability to work across devices, whereby you can open and edit your files on your desktop computer and smartphone at the same time. In addition, Windows 10 Home is a lot faster and more secure.

New interface and easy operation

Windows 10 Home has been equipped with a new interface, where the main thing that stands out is the start menu. It has now been revised again and can be switched to the familiar tile mode if desired. Individual functions are available here, which are ideally tailored to the user. There is also the option of creating virtual desktops in order to manage separate areas here.

Open and edit files across devices

In the age of smartphones and tablets, no one has to laboriously copy files such as images and videos, as well as documents, in order to be able to access them from other devices. Using a cloud, it is possible to open all files across devices in order to edit them at the same time. All that is required for this is a mobile Internet connection, which is now standard for smartphones and tablets. With just one click you also get the function to share files such as vacation photos directly with friends, acquaintances or work colleagues. You determine which rights the respective user receives.

System and file security

Computer and Internet security is more in demand than ever. For this reason, the security of Windows 10 Home has been further improved to protect the system from attacks, viruses and malicious software. At the same time, there is increased protection of files and sensitive digital data and information in terms of data protection. In addition, users can now specify in the settings which data and connections between Microsoft and Windows 10 Home should be permitted and which should not.

Windows 10 Home also uses the FIDO Alliance standard 2.0. This is an authentication of the Internet. Thanks to the new "Microsoft Hello" function, users can now log on to the computer without having to enter a password. This is made possible by biometric user authentication.

Highest performance for games

Enjoy the latest computer games with Windows 10 Home  and experience the highest performance. By supporting screens with a 4K resolution, games are displayed in pin-sharp resolution. In addition, DirectX 12 provides a lot of power and displays graphics better than ever.


New basic features of Windows 10 Home

  • Microsoft Edge: The new Internet browser specially developed for Windows 10 offers fast surfing on all your devices. At the same time, you benefit from better performance, which is noticeable in the battery performance, among other things.
  • Cortana: You ask, Cortana answers. Installed on the computer or smartphone, the digital assistant helps you, for example, to plan appointments or tells you what the weather will be like in the coming days.
  • Touch input and digital pen: Instead of constantly clicking with the mouse, you can now be creative and take notes with the digital pen, as well as draw and paint as you like. Normal operation of Windows 10 is also possible via touch input.
  • Voice input: Passing commands to the computer by voice saves a lot of time. For example, you tell Windows that an entry should be made in the calendar. Or you can create a reminder for an upcoming birthday.
  • Connection with mobile devices: Users of smartphones running Windows, Android or Apple iOS exchange files such as photos or documents with any device, which is also connected to their Windows account. So you get a seamless transition and don't have to copy files back and forth.
  • Device encryption: Use an algorithm to encrypt your files so that third parties and programs cannot access them. This increases the protection immensely.
  • Secure start: To ensure that no malware or unauthorized operating systems are loaded when the computer starts up, Windows 10 Home prevents them during the start-up process.
  • Network protection and firewall: All security functions have been revised again and are provided with updates at regular intervals. So you are always on the safe side. The integrated firewall offers the intrusion of viruses, as well as malware and ransomware.


Buy Windows 10 Home including product key

Decide now for maximum performance and security. The new Windows 10 Home is now available for purchase and is available in 32- or 64-bit versions. In addition, you will receive your product key by e-mail immediately after the download, which is immediately valid.

system requirements
  • Processor    Processor or SoC with at least 1 GHz
  • RAM   1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space 16 GB for 32-bit operating system or 20 GB for 64-bit operating system
  • Graphics card DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 driver
    (for more information, contact the manufacturer)
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