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Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64 bit

Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64 bit

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Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64 bit

Program features Windows 7 Professional

  • Find content and programs faster thanks to improved Windows search
  • Set up homegroups automatically
  • Error recording program for detailed problem report logging
  • Assistance for users with limited abilities thanks to voice control and output
  • Fast data management thanks to virtual folders in Explorer

Windows 7 Professional: Buy product keys conveniently online

Even with the advent of Windows 8 and Windows 10 , Windows 7 remains a popular option for many customers. This operating system is not only reliable, but also compatible with a wide range of software and games. It is also significantly cheaper than the newer Windows versions.

Windows 7 Pro at a glance

With a Windows 7 Professional Key, which is available for both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version, you get a secure and reliable Windows version that you can use both privately and in the company. With Windows 7 you get an operating system that is supported by all software manufacturers and is also known for its name and reliability. In addition, the Windows 7 Pro version comes with a variety of extras in the area of ​​security. It is also possible to use the Windows 7 Professional full version with a domain or a VPN network, for example.

The advantages of Windows 7 Professional

The Windows 7 Pro Key, or Windows 7 in general, remains a popular product even after the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The user interface known from the previous Windows versions has also remained in Windows 7 and this operating system is also characterized by its compatibility with software and games. Common software for every need still works without any problems with Windows 7 and Microsoft guarantees updates and support for several years to come.

Windows 7 Professional gives you everything you need for both the office and at home. An integrated firewall and a scanning program protect against malicious software. While the ability to integrate the computer into a domain or connect to a VPN network is an important factor, especially in companies.

Special functions

Of course, with the purchase of your Windows 7 Professional product key you get access to all functions of the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. Your Windows 7 Professional activation code also gives you access to some handy features that you don't get with a Windows 7 Home version. For example, the Pro version supports up to 192 GB of RAM instead of the usual 16 GB. What's more, you have the option of storing backups and backup copies not only locally or on media such as CDs and hard drives, but also on the network. In addition, this Windows version gives you access to encrypted file systems, which significantly increase security.

Location Aware Printing is also particularly useful for laptops. This feature allows Windows to remember the various networks to which the laptop is connected and the printers present on them. If you return to these locations later and log on to the network, Windows 7 will recognize the printers there. The constant reinstallation of printers is no longer necessary. This feature is particularly useful if, for example, you frequently use your computer both in the office and at home. Your Windows 7 Professional Key also gives you access to a variety of other interesting and practical features.

Windows 7 Pro features plus premium and business features
  • processor at least 1 GHz,
  • RAM at least 2 GB,
  • Hard disk space at least 20 GB
  • DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card
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